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The driving reasons for my working in real estate are the honor of helping people find a house that meets their needs and the excitement of them finding a new place to call home.

I partner in my career with 1Mission because it gives me the opportunity to do this twice with every transaction. Through their House to House program, I have a opportunity to give a portion of each of my commissions (10%) to help bring yet another family home. 1Mission (working in Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua) provides an opportunity to for individuals to earn a new safe home through 200 hours of community service. Through this process, these homes are being built into much stronger communities.

My roofing buddy Jose Manuel putting in some serious community service hours helping build the Murrieta Zavala family home. Jose is well on his way to earning his own 1Mission new home build.

I had the extreme privilege last month to participate in the build of one of these homes. It was an incredible experience to build this home alongside not only Roldolfo and Denise (and baby Liam coming in December) who now live there, but also Jose Manuel earning of home of his own. Truly an unforgettable time in Puerto Peñasco.

Welcome home Murrieta Zavala family!