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You are finally ready to buy a home. Congratulations! What an extremely exciting time! I can see you now, dreaming about all of the new things you are going to do to and put in this home: new couches, home theater system, new appliances, swimming pool, bbq grill, outdoor deck, etc…                            

Take a breath. Please be careful. Make sure the house is completely before you move forward with any other big purchases. The home loan process can be very touchy and it would be heartbreaking to lose the home of your dreams over massage chairs, an 85” led tv, or that $7,000 Numi Smart Toilet you somehow convinced your spouse was completely necessary. 

It is important to realize that somebody (most likely a bank) is about to loan you a very generous sum of money. Your personal finances are about to be examined to an extreme degree. It is essential that you do as little as possible – to do anything – that might almost – maybe appear – to kind of look like – something that might resemble – anything that could potentially – even to the smallest degree – look remotely suspicious. Nervous? Don’t be.

Instead, please take a moment to read this “Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a House” blog post from Grant Botma at Stewardship Mortgage. Grant does a fantastic job of clearly laying out what can help and hurt in during your home buying experience.  

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a House

P.S. $7,000 is WAY TOO MUCH to spend on a toilet. (Unless someone wants to buy me one).